So what could be of public interest about my person? I was born 1979, live in Zurich and I'm working as an Electrical/Acoustics Engineer. Music's what makes my world go round. As an excuse for my web pollution my projects including travel reports might be worth a click. For rather visual experiments please visit the gallery.
But maybe I just wanted to proof the aesthetics of my handwriting.

This site was designed with pure HTML and GIMP (except the intro). It's optimized for Opera 5.0. Maybe there will be seperate stylefiles for different browsers sometime, we'll see.
The news and links are managed with mySQL.
The PHP source of this site is open.
Now there's a mess with languages. Some pages are in german, others in english. This will change.

If you're interested in my access statistics take a look.

last update: 09. May 17

Author: Alain Brenzikofer