28.3.2009A new project is online. Metrum is a simple metronome for you mobile phone
25.6.2006See some pictures of a jam session at Rura Jazzclub during the ETH Big Band Tour through Easter Europe: gallery
22.8.2005A new foto gallery shows pictures taken at Sihlpapier factory by the time of its destuction.
14.8.2005My site ound a new home at nns.ch
4.12.2004My latest project biabconverter is beta-released
1.7.2004My term project on Instrument Recognition and Transcription in Polyphonic Music is finished.
1.7.2004My Travel Report is available as book or PDF. German only
13.1.2003Visit my gigEnDa to know, when I'm on stage
5.1.2003See some statistics of my trip through South America.
5.1.2003There are lots of new pictures in my gallery.
4.11.2002back again!
20.2.2002In 12 days I'll leave for South America for half a year. See my travel news. (german only)
14.9.2001A preview of my black'n'white gallery is online
13.9.2001Now most of this page is available in german and english
13.8.2001Projects: unibook finished
12.7.2001probably final design uploaded
29.6.2001link database is online
28.4.2001birth of page