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Metrum - A metronome for your symbian mobile phone, written in Python

Here's a very simple metronome for your mobile phone that supports all possible tempi from 1 to whatever BPM. It also offers any number of beats per measure. That makes this program the perfect tool to practise a 15/16 groove.


Use number keys to enter BPM
Use * / # to change the number of beats per measure

technical restriction

This metronome generates midifiles with the given parameters and then plays them. This means that the beats will stop when the midifile is finished. It does restart however, but not with continuous timing. The limit is set to 1000 clicks to allow for rapid midifile generation. So if you have 120bpm, there will be a discontinuity every 8.3min. I can live with that. If you need 16min, change the code.




Install Nokia's PyS60 Interpreter (I use V1.4.5 for Symbian S60 3rd edition) You'll need the script shell as well.
Install the SMIDI library which is a modified version of mxm's Python MIDI Library. Copy the file smidi.py to E:\python\libs on your memory card.
Now copy the file metrum.py to E:\python on your memory card

version tracker

0.1 [Sat, 28.03.09] initial release

last update: 09. May 17

Author: Alain Brenzikofer